SUNFIX is much more with much less

SUNFIX dyes, which Focor distributes exclusively, have actively contributed to the sustainability of the textile industry.

The quality of the raw materials combined with advanced chemical technology and a highly refined production process has resulted in a range of dyes with excellent reliability and reproducibility from start to finish. The result is safer dyeing, which is necessary to obtain good results immediately.

The use of these reactive dyes has increased significantly in Portugal, as the national textile dyeing industry sees the reliability of the range and its production process is favoured, both by energy and water savings and by the systematic reduction in reprocessing.

The sustainability of the SUNFIX range, which complies with the Gots, Blue Sign, Okotex and ZDHC standards, is evident from the following:

  • Lower dye load
  • Less salt
  • Less water – better washability
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less time consumption