Sunfix colourants

«The best solution, even in adverse conditions»

«Excellent reproducibility, consistency, no rewinding, no staining or reprocessing. Even in adverse conditions, such as very old machines and very irregular yarn winding.»

Section Head | Home Textiles

«I switched to Sunfix at the right time…»

«Switching to the Sunfix range has helped me enormously and taken away a lot of headaches, with a cost reduction of more than 30 per cent, no staining problems, no reassembly and reprocessing and the resolution of all the problems I encountered»

Director | Fluff Factory

«Excellent range, good hold and easy to wash!»

«I used to use three ranges of reactive colourants. Dark colours always gave me problems when washing, as I had to do several washes, use a lot of water to wash well and waste a lot of time. Since I started using the SUNFIX range, I’ve saved at least two washes and spent less time and energy.»

Dyeing manager | Knitwear

«Good reproducibility and appreciable savings in time and water.»

«The colours khaki, beige and grey have always been very difficult to obtain and reproduce. The SUNFIX range has helped me overcome these constraints. It’s easier to get the colour right first time, with excellent reproducibility from start to finish. I’m a fan!»

Production manager | Fluff factory