Get-together in Porto strengthens bonds with clients

The sun shone even brighter on 18 May 2019, the date chosen by Focor to bring together the company’s customers and staff from its three business areas – textiles, plastics and industrial chemicals – for a healthy and fun get-together. At the Palácio do Freixo in Porto, where the event was held, everyone had the chance to get to know the Focor universe a little better and watch a photographic animation of previous meetings, which brought back memories of times well spent – some more than 10 years ago. The opportunity was also taken to summarise their joint presence in the world in a planisphere: everyone’s exports already reach more than 50 countries.

As well as a lively lunch, the day was also marked by a painting competition, which revealed the more artistic side of Focor’s partners. The theme “Discovering the Master” sparked the imagination and the participants, armed with brushes, paints and canvases, brought out the Leonardo da Vinci in each of them!