Focor Presents Innovative Textile Dyeing Process

LIVRE: sustainable innovation

Obtain an alternative process of dyeing aged, environmental, socially and economically responsible, liable to be practiced throughout the dry cleaning row-be expected from budget hotel part, rope dyeing, the dyeing of yarn in cross coil, fabric dyeing and interior textiles – was the challenge of sustainable innovation achieved by Focor – Químicos Industriais S.A., a company based in Oporto.

Baptized of LIVRE – on the basis of the innovative, versatile look, reproducible and…with a lot of style, which delivers this innovative process that does not require modification of the machine park of dry cleaners, adapts to any type of application and guarantees the ideal aspect, a good reproducibility and high rates of solidity.

LIVRE resulted from an exhaustive research and work and is in line with two social trends. One of the fashion universe. The other in the field of sustainability.
On the one hand, the vintage look, which gives the clothes and fabrics looking worn, obtained by this process of dyeing aged, allows materialize the nostalgia
in relation to the lifestyles of the decades of 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960.


The result is the seduction, naïve and innocent charm! Is the consecration of look carefully careless … increasingly valued, as the harvest vintage of port when present great capacity for ageing.

On the other hand, it is a sustainable design, which enhances the quality of life of the community, respects the environment, minimizes the consumption of natural resources, and has been proven to be profitable.

LIVRE significantly reduces the consumption of water and energy in high concentration products; it uses elements free of pollutants and components harmful to human beings; it reduces air pollution and eliminates contamination of effluents while increasing the profitability of management parameters.